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Welcome to Mocean Mobile Wiki.

Follow this API/SDK documentation to form your ad request within your mobile application, WAP portal or SMS.

You can also specify another custom host header in your request to override the default ( host). But it can be done only after mOcean Mobile Admin approval and DNS change.


Platform Usage and Guides

Mocean for Publishers User Guide

Mocean for Networks User Guide

Mocean for App Stores User Guide

Mocean Reporting Guide

Rich Media Guide | Rich Media examples

Conversion Tracking Guide

A Specification on how to use Mocean Mobile MACROs

Working with Doubleclick/DART

Training Videos and Webinars

Migration to Order-Line Items Workflow

Publisher Install Code

To integrate Mocean's ad serving system on your properties, check our install code examples.

3rd Party Ad Config Setup

Instructions on enabling your network as a 3rd party network for other Mocean customers

Third party ad request parameters based on the integration or translation layer: Ad Feed Parameters

API Documentation

Ad Request API

Mocean Ad Request API


General SOAP API Documentation

SOAP API Object Management Methods

SOAP API Reporting Methods

Reporting API

Reporting API Documentation / REST

Inventory Forecasting API Methods

Application SDK Information and Downloads

SDK Main Information Page and Downloads

Autodetect Fields Populated by the SDK to the API

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