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The Mocean Mobile platform was built to manage the high volume of a mobile ad network – it is a sophisticated system for dealing with the complexities of ad networks operating in the mobile space, and offers customers customization and control.

Mocean for Networks takes a complex process of building and managing a mobile ad network and breaks it down into easy to follow steps that ensure your success in the growing mobile marketplace.

Some of the core benefits are:

• Custom Branding
Mocean for Networks allows customers to apply their own branding to their network.
• Permission System
Mocean Mobile developed a highly customized system of permissions that can provide users with different levels of control.
• Customized Reporting & Analytics
Mocean Mobile provides the tools for monitoring performance, optimizing line items across multiple publishers, and making real-time adjustments.
• Targeting
Mocean Mobile offers its Advertiser users the ability to create ads targeted to device, location, scheduling, audience and even custom target parameters.
• Auto-optimization
Mocean mobile provides the ability to define a desired auto-optimization algorithm based on latency, eCPM, fill rate or CTR.
• Line Item Limits
Delivery caps allows customers to restrict line items. Frequency capping limits allows users to control how often a particular ad/line item is shown.

The following terms are used throughout this document:

Administrator (or Super User) The highest level within Mocean for Networks. This user can deploy networks and grant permissions to Network Managers, Publishers and Advertisers.
Network A portfolio of App/Sites and orders.
Network Manager A person granted permission to administer a network.
Publisher (or Full-Serve Publisher) Content or media owner; the person, group or entity responsible for selling inventory to the advertiser or agency.
Self-Serve Publisher Self-registered content owners that want to monetize their site/app inventory with mobile ads. These publishers only operate within the network permissions granted to them.
Advertiser (or Full-Serve Advertiser) A person, organization or company that places advertisements on site/app inventory in order to target customers.
Self-Serve Advertiser Self-registered advertisers that want to target their ads on sites/apps within the network. These advertisers can only operate within the network permissions granted to them.
Impression An instance of an ad creative being loaded.
Click An instance of a user clicking a served ad creative.
Action An instance of a user completing a specific action in response to a served ad, such as a click, impression, form submission or other predetermined advertiser variable.
Content Vertical A group of related sites. For example, all Health related sites.
Site/App A specific site/app with a unique URL, e.g.
Zone A specific area of a site that contains a rich media, banner or text ad.
Order Former "campaign". A unit if advertising that consist of line items and specifies the details of an advertising campaign. One order is owned by a certain advertiser and generally focused on promoting a particular product.
Line Item A unit of advertising that specifies the details of the sale, such as flight dates, targeting, placement, delivery conditions, cost, etc.
Creative A peace of creative that will run in a line item. It can be a text or a banner, or a rich-media as well as ad feed (piece of ad code that calls another ad server).
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