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Mocean Reporting is a highly customized system. Users may get information about ad campaigns delivery and publisher inventory in general and basing on specific criteria.

Mocean reporting consists of the following parts:

Please find information on each of them below.

Custom Report

Custom Reporting allows users to get a quick snapshot as well as detailed information on ad campaigns serving and publisher inventory.

Reporting details can be found at the Custom Reports page.

Forecasting & Inventory Management

Mocean Mobile platform also provides users with the opportunity to get information about zone’s bookings and line items projected to serve during the specific time period.

The detailed information for this can be found at the Forecasting & Inventory Management page.

Pacing Report

Pacing Report allows users to track line items delivery against goals and get better understanding on which line items are on track to deliver and which ones are off track.

Please visit the Pacing Reporting page to obtain the detailed description of the ‘Pacing’ sub-navigation tab.

Conversions Report

Conversions Report allows users to get detailed information about each action/conversion generated from each zone, placement, creative.

What exactly this report provides you may find at the Conversions Reporting page.

Daily Performance Report

Network Owner and Managers can get the Quick daily performance report, the detailed information on that can be obtained from the Daily Performance Report page.

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