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About mOcean Mobile

Based in New York City, the capital of the global advertising industry, mOcean Mobile gives publishers and brand marketers of any size everything they need to efficiently run and profit from mobile advertising campaigns. mOcean features are neatly packaged, rich array of easy-to-use tools, techniques, and analytics in a proven mobile advertising platform that makes it easy for advertisers to reach buyers, and publishers to monetize their content.

MAST (Mobile Ad Serving Technology), is a proven solution and has quickly gained a best-in-class reputation within the industry. Powering the Mojiva mobile ad network, in addition to others, the MAST platform offers solutions across the mobile marketing ecosystem and includes:

MAST for Publishers A robust mobile ad serving, yield management, and reporting solution for owners of mobile content. Whether you sell your own advertising, manage third party sellers - or both - MAST for Publishers can help you generate maximum yield.

MAST for Advertisers Manage your clients' mobile media campaigns across all mobile content and every network. From rich media and video to simple mobile banners, mOcean Mobile provides an intuitive real-time dashboard that ensures ease-of-use and ROI.

MAST for Networks Utilize the mOcean Mobile platform to power your own mobile ad network. Ensure efficiency for your advertisers and maximized yield for your publishers, all under your own brand.

MAST for Apps By ad-enabling your mobile apps, you can generate new streams of revenue. Use our flexible APIs to deliver ads from our robust server network across any application, regardless of platform.

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