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This page is intended for customers whose networks have been migrated from the Order-Creative model to the Order-Line Item-Creative model. The main points that require a client's attention are all included here.

Splitting Caps and Sharing Priority Settings

While managing Orders/Line Items, you may come across Yellow Exclamation Point's next to some Orders/Line Items that were migrated. These points indicate that their Orders/Line Items need attention - Basically informing users of updates related to splitting budget and sharing % allocation of line items priority types.

When you select an order or line item with the yellow exclamation point, you will proceed to the Mange order/Manage line item screen, but before you can perform any action a modal will pop up forcing the user to make some decisions. The modal will allow you to distribute limits (Update Line Item Caps) and sponsorship/fixed % allocation (Update Priority Settings).

A user can simply close the window or hit the 'Cancel' button to exit out of the modal without taking an action. If no action was taken, line items can be selected but no caps or priorities can be updated within the line item, only targeting, placements, and creatives will be editable. Also if no action was taken, the Order will continue to indicate that action is needed and the modal will reappear when the Order or the Update button (within a line item) is selected.

Update Line Item Caps

Previously, with the Order-Creative structure, budget and delivery caps could be set at both order and creative levels. Now, with the Order-Line Item-Creative structure, delivery goals can be set at the line item level only. During the migration to the three-level structure, the order with 2 or more creatives has been converted into corresponding count of Line Items, each with 1 creative. So order's delivery caps should be distributed among the respective line items. It can be implemented by one of the following methods:

Distribute evenly (default)

By default the system splits total order limits in the following fashion.

  • First, total limits are set for deleted line items based on their statistics data. If a deleted line item has no statistics data, the min values will be set for it ($0.01 for budget, 1 for impressions/clicks/actions).
  • Then budget, impressions and clicks limits will be set for active line items that have total caps already defined.
  • All the rest of the total caps, if any, will be distributed evenly across all the other active line items. If any of the caps are unlimited, they will remain the same for the respective line items and will not be shown in the pop-up modal window.

Daily limits will be split in the following fashion.

  • For deleted line items minimal settings will be applied.
  • For active line items, original caps will be shared evenly across all of them.

NOTE: In case daily limit exceeds the total one, the less value will be set for both limits!
NOTE: Daily limits are set for line items for which Smooth Delivery is disabled. For line items with enabled Smooth Delivery, daily limits will be calculated on the base of total limits and won't be shown in the modal!

Unlimited delivery caps won't be included in the 'Attention Required - Please Update Line Item Settings' modal.


Suppose there is an order with 5 line items (3 active – Clothes, Juice and Training, and 2 deleted – Kids and Fruits) that have to share 10000 total impressions, 1000 total clicks and $100 budget. Daily caps for the original order are 1000 imps and $20. Additionally for the Clothes line item total number of impressions and budget have been restricted by 4000 and $40 respectively.

Line Items have been already served and have the following stats.

Line Item Impressions
Clothes 2000 150 $20
Juice 3000 100 $15
Training 0 0 $0
Kids 1000 100 $10
Fruits 0 0 $0

After sharing, total budget and delivery caps will be split in the following way.

  • Fruits line item will have 1 imp/ 1 click/ $0.01 (min values) because it has no stats.
  • Kids will have 1000 imps/ 100 clicks / $10 that correspond to already served values.
  • As for Clothes, it will have 4000 imps and $40 budget as already set.
  • The rest total impressions (5000) and budget ($50) will be split evenly across 2 line items – Juice and Training. However, Juice has already served 3000 imps that is more than 5000/2, so the total imps number for Juice will be set to 3000, and total imps for Training will be set to 2000.
  • The rest clicks (900) will be split across 3 line items – Clothes, Juice and Training – and will be equal to 300 for each of them.

Daily limits will be set as follows.

  • For deleted line items (Kids and Fruits) min values will be set for impressions and budget.
  • For active line items 1000 imps and $20 will be divided by 3. The result will be rounded up to 334 and 6.67.
  • Daily cap for clicks number will be unlimited for all line items because there wasn't restriction on daily clicks in the original order.

Note that action caps will not be shown in the modal because they were been unrestricted originally.

Splitting LI Caps Evenly

Set Manually

The 'Set Manually' update method allows you to define caps for individual active line items if they are not unlimited.

NOTE: As the order’s total budget is derived as the sum of the order’s respective line item budgets, the order's total budget can be changed.

Splitting LI Caps Manually

Update Priority Settings

Previously, priority type with % allocation could be set for the individual creative as well as for the whole order. According to the Order-Line Item-Creative workflow priority type can be set at the line item level. As a result some line items should be updated to make priority settings more specific.

Generally line item's priority type is migrated from the corresponding creative's one. However, the priority type can be inherited from the order the creative belongs to. In this case, for Fixed Percentage or Sponsorship Priority types the allocation percentage should be split among all line items because priority types are set now at the line item level only and can not be inherited from the order.

Any line items with any other priority will not be shown as they will be transferred during the migration.

NOTE: Line items with priority type "Percentage Allocation" defined that weren't split from one order will be excluded from the line items list because the original fixed/sponsorship percentage allocation sharing will be applied!

The splitting can be performed with one of the following methods

Shared % Allocation

The main idea of this method is to share the original priority type and distribute the percentage allocation among all active line items evenly. Deleted line items will have a 0 value defined.

In case the division doesn't result in a whole number, it will be rounded up to the nearest whole number from 1 to 100. So the sum of all the allocation numbers can differ from the original allocation value.

Splitting Priority Settings.png

Separated Line Items

The separate update method allow you to change the allocation percentage manually for each active line item and make line items independent of one another.

Targeting Groups Transferring

During migration targeting groups applied to creatives are transferred to line items' targeting groups respectively with the '[Custom targeting]' name. All the targeting settings remain the same.

A targeting group could be applied to several line items from different orders within one network. According to new workflow users should be able to make changes to the targeting settings for some line items without affecting other line items the targeting group is applied to. To enable this, the line items which shouldn't be affected by the changes can be un-linked from the current targeting group. In this case '[Custom targeting]' group with existing targeting settings will be created for each un-linked line item. A more detailed description about editing targeting can be viewed here.

Placement Groups Transferring

Placement groups that were assigned to creative have been migrated and then deduped so there was only one '[Custom placement]' instance of the placement group.
NOTE: For Super-networks, they can only access the "Placement Groups" they created. Sub-network's placement groups do not appear in the super-networks and Super-network's "Placement Groups" do not appear for Sub-networks!

Placement templates (libraries) were converted into placement groups with the same name and same settings.
NOTE: Placement libraries with Run Of All setting haven't been migrated!

Creatives Templates in Libraries

Creatives have been migrated and can be saved to the library as templates belonging to the Advertiser they were created for. Regardless of who created the Creative, anyone that has permissions view or setup orders and has access to the Advertiser will be able to see the creative and take actions on them.

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