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Brief Description

This document details a new approach to tracking user actions (also called conversions) using the Mocean Mobile platform, from how to properly install the default conversion code, to application download tracking and counting.

A conversion occurs when a publisher site visitor performs a desired reaction (i.e. a registration, a product purchase, or a viewing of specific information). Using the below methods, these actions can be recorded and counted, providing a very effective ad performance metric.

Tracking Approach Details

The approach for tracking conversions is supported directly in the Mocean backend system. This technique has the following advantages:

  • Support conversions based on Impression ID
  • Integrate conversions directly into billing
  • Support CPA campaigns, i.e. Line Items with limits/budget based on conversions

It requires only a single parameter - Impression ID. Optionally group code parameter can be passed through.

Parameter Format Required? Description
%SID% 32 hexadecimal digits separated by hyphens in the form 8-4-4-4-12 Yes Impression ID (AKA Show ID) used to tie the impression to the conversion.
groupCode String No Group Code. Optional for reporting purposes.
[1-20] characters (all letters will be converted to upper case), e.g. groupCode=INSTALL

Conversion response format

This is an example of a conversion ping URL. The red denotes the SID (impression ID). This is generated per ad request and must be stored by a landing page. The blue parameters are optional, but helpful for increased reporting potential. Any GET to this URL will cause an action to be recorded if the impression ID is valid. This URL will load a page with a pixel to be used in an image tag as shown below.

<img src="" alt="Action Ping"/>

Passing Impression ID to a Landing Page

  • When making a creative, use %SID% macro in the landing page URL.
  • When rendered in an ad request, the URL will look similar to this.
  • The land page must store the impression ID for use when sending the action ping back to the ad server in the format of the above section.

Conversion on Sub Zone

Optionally conversion can be generated on the specific part of the zone. In this case sub zone identifier should be specified in the ad request.

Parameter Format Required? Description
subid String No SubID. Optional for reporting and optimization purposes.
NOTE: This parameter should be added as get parameter to the ad request URL.

For example,

Testing Conversions

Explanation of how to obtain the Impression ID

Step #1: Make an ad request through the browser, e.g.

Step #2: Hover over the ad and take note of the Impression ID. For example, if the ad returned has the URL of:

then the Impression ID in this case is 81808431-b3fc-11e2-9450-a0369f06db0b

Step #3: If you are testing your conversion tag, you must click (submitting the click tag) first

Step #4: In a browser go to the URL in the form: http://<adserver_address>/conversion/<impression_id>. In the above case it will be

Step #5: Calling the conversion tag will return a single tracking pixel.

Step #6: Note that the <adserver_address> can be white-labeled if you are using a custom adserver domain.

Deprecated Tracking Approaches

The information about deprecated tracking approaches is available by the following link - Conversion Tracking: Deprecated Approaches

Application Download — Tracking

Today, Mocean recommends advertisers and Mocean clients to use below 3rd party tracking companies to track in-app downloads/conversions.

Working with 3rd party conversion tracking providers

Working with 3rd party conversion tracking companies - Information on how Moceanmobile interacts with HasOffers, StrikeAd, InMobi Ad Tracker, AdX, and many other conversion tracking companies


The documentation on Conversions reporting is available by the following link - Conversions Reporting.

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